Traverse City Michigan Vacation Getaway

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Cedar Lake Lodge is a newer lakefront home built in 2003. The interior of the home features natural knotty pine tongue and groove from floor to ceiling with rustic log beams and accents. The abundant use of ceramic tile and cedar log furniture complete the northern Michigan experience. You will see why these are the best Cottages to Rent in Traverse City Michigan. 

Amenities include:
        - 4 Bedrooms
        - 2 Bathrooms
        - All linens are provided
        - Full Kitchen
             - stove 
             - refrigerator
             - microwave
             - coffee maker
             - toaster
             - dish washer
             - cooking utensils
             - dishes

Log Cabin Getaways in Michigan

        - 2 TVs
             - High Def LCD TV in Living Room,
             - Standard Def TV in Gameroom
             - Playstation 2 w/ Games
               ( so bring your favorite PS2 games )
        - HD Satellite Top 200 w/ Movie Channels
        - DVD Player w/ Movies
        - Central Air Conditioning
        - Gas fireplace
        - Rec. room with pool table
        - Laundry room w/ washer and dryer
        - Huge deck with patio furniture
        - Charcoal Bar BQ grill
        - Fire pit
        - Boat dock
        - Swing Set with Sand Box 
        - Row Boat *Mid April - End of October*
        - 2 Kayaks *May - End of October*
        - **Water Trampoline *Memorial Day - Labor Day*
        - 20ft Pontoon boat (free bonus) 
*Memorial Day - Mid October*


Pontoon Boat Information


**Regarding Water Trampoline

The home is supplied with a Rave Aquadeck water trampoline like the one pictured. Unfortunately we do have to share the lake with a family of otters... This sometimes can be a problem, as some years they seem obsessed with damaging the trampolines. Not sure if they think it is food or just get a kick out of the air that blasts them in the face when they bite holes in the skin of the trampoline. Either way once the destruction starts they won't stop. In that case we switch to a Take-Off towable water trampoline that is stored on land so the otters can't destroy them. The Take-Off is extremely light (30 lbs) and can easily be moved in and out of the water. This Take-Off is a little smaller, and not as bouncy as the Rave, but unlike the Rave, can be towed behind the pontoon boat, as well as being moored to the deep water mooring. The Rave is a little bigger, bouncier, and permanently moored to the deep water mooring. Which one you will have at the home? It depends on the mood of the otters....

Regarding WIFi

Unfortunately there is no Cable internet, or DSL offered in this area. We feel that until there is, we can not offer high speed internet at this home. There is satellite internet, and cell service internet, but due to strict bandwidth limits these are not options either. The most expensive plan offered would literally be used up by the average family in less than a weeks time. This would then leave the rest of the months guests without internet, and very unhappy... 

Easy Solution - Most smart phones can be turned into wireless hotspots for $10-20 a month. This may not be the best for streaming the latest episode of "Breaking Bad", but should get some usable access if needed. Just a call to your wireless provider will get this set up. Cell service is usable (definitely not amazing), with Ve**zon being the best, A*&T next. All others however, would not be very usable for internet. Also free tethering apps are offered for many smart phones on the Android Market as well. These allow your computer to be tethered (Via USB cable) to your cell phone for free in many cases! 

If this doesn't work, there are coffee shops, restaurants, etc, in town with excellent high-speed internet available.

Even Easier Solution - Your on vacation for crying out loud, give it a rest for a week! What better excuse to get away from work than to tell everyone you don't have internet!

Now get out your fishing pole, and relax! 


Recent changes to many of the Big Ad sites have resulted in hundreds of dollars in fees to the traveler. 

Please feel free to 

book direct from us to avoid paying these fees.

"The Cedar Lake Lodge"
3704 & 3736 Avery Trail
Traverse City, MI 49684
(231) 632-0833